Direction of Final Fantasy Community


There will be a lot of really big changes in my life come 2018. I will be a new home owner for the first time and will be starting a new life with my partner of nearly 10 years. As settling down, starting a family and focusing on business are my highest priorities, I have taken a lot of serious time to reflect on what will be happening with Final Fantasy Community. This has been a project I've held a lot of passion towards since my high school years and as time goes by, life only gets busier and busier with less free time to have fun.

Managing a website like Final Fantasy Community is not a simple task, especially when ensuring minimal to no downtime, that everything's running smooth and to address any issues that arise. 

Over the last year when I first started considering the future of Final Fantasy Community, whether I would shut it down or sell it, I've finally and officially come to a decision. I am going to be making a public announcement that Final Fantasy Community will be available for purchase. Anyone interested in taking over Final Fantasy Community will be required to register on the website, introduce themselves to the community and post in the official announcement thread I will be publishing at some point later this week or in the coming weeks.

I want to hand the site over to the right person, someone who will not only care for the project but for its members. So, with this decision, I won't be focusing too much on the amount but rather the personality of the person who would be taking over. I'm hoping that all parties interested in taking over this project will participate in the community, get to know its members and in turn allow the members get to know them, this way the transition will be a smooth one and everyone will be comfortable with the new owner.

I've invested a lot of time and money into Final Fantasy Community, obviously with absolutely no regrets at all. 

I will be extremely flexible in negotiating the sale of FFC to the right person and of course, I will only accept serious inquiries as there is a lot that would need to be gone over between both myself and the individual interested in taking over FFC. 

To all members of Final Fantasy Community, don't be alarmed by this and don't take this as bad news. I am going to do everything I can to ensure the site remains online for you all to enjoy and that this project continues on even if I am not the one running the show.

If whoever takes over doesn't have a technical background in running a site like this, that's no problem and no need for concern. I will be given a complete one-on-one live session so that every aspect of the site is laid out and understood. I will also offer to stick around to provide some ongoing assistance if and whenever needed, I just won't be able to maintain this as a full time project as I am currently doing now. 

The biggest problem for me is that I can't take the site forward in the direction it needs to be taken, specifically on a marketing standpoint. This is a great opportunity for someone who either has a lot of free time, perhaps has some highly popular social media channels with a large following or perhaps a gamer who streams and is able to engage in their audience on a level I can't commit to. Marketing, growing sites from nothing to something is what I do but because this project is a spare time project for me, I've simply been unable to invest the proper time and resources into growing the site, as most of you are aware with my brief appearances here on the site.

Anyways, that's all for now. I just wanted to get this out in the open. It's a painful decision considering I finally brought my vision to life of what I wanted FFC to become. 

I am hoping to hand over Final Fantasy Community and all of its channels to a selected new owner no later than December 2017.

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Refilling the Void

Great news on the horizon! Actually, it's already here! 

 I have brought my game into the testing phase once again. After years in the remaking, I have finally brought it back to playable. I played it for the first time in years with all the new changes and rules and update card graphics!

It works! It was only two of us playing, and only on half the board, but it works. We tested as many things as we could in the time limit that I had. Everything works. There were a few things that needed to be added because I just forgot to add them to the rules printout that I had and then a few other things that needed to be tweaked as we played for it to run smoother, but all in all, it works!

We had fun testing it too. We killed each other several times to test out the combat as well. Only thing we didn't test for the combat was using skills and spells during it. But thats because we never really got higher than level 2 and only had a few skills and spells that we couldn't cast or use.

The majority of playing was the both of us running into dungeons and killing monsters. Then, on to killing each other. After that, we had fun capturing lands and sending out militias or armies after each other for fun.

In the next playtest, I will have third person to play and I'll make sure to take more pictures of the playthrough. We are hoping with the updated rules from the other days' test, things will be much smoother and much more of a challenge with an added person. We will need to test this game with the few of us for the time being to get more of the kinks out before I move on to inviting some of our friends and family over to try it. 

But, I can now rest easy a bit while that happens. Now I can easily just start work on my other games a bit while we wait to playtest again. Between the playtests, I'll update the game and have loads more time to work on the others. Which I have about 10+ games in the works. Some small and simple, some large and complex like this one.


Now I just need to make some tokens to print out and glue to my little wooden pieces. :D

Enjoy the picture I took before we played.

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Noticing changes of behavior

To write well is to write what we know this is what my teacher said to me once I decided to be writer! Well I noticed during my childhood and still in my age that both man and female that plays Final Fantasy or other games with great graphics or remake that they started to search for sexy woman or girls the same with woman and girls they all search that perfect sexy man at first I though it was due to beauty but then I decided to well how shall i say this make an questionnaire of why they chose them what make them fall in love for them? Well for my surprise and sadness wasn't neither for beauty or personality they chose them because they looked a lot by their favorite characters in gaming and to be honest if they were to do Cossplay they were great Squall's or other character from Final Fantasy Legend of Dragoon etc. So this is my question those who don't look like their favorite characters are meant to be alone just because mostly games present us with sexy characters? Please offer me you're comments and opinions! With Care, Respect and Love Aerith Fair Gainsborougth
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Tifa's character design

When adventuring on Final Fantasy Peasants I've noticed someone trying to make sense with some fans so I would have to ask whas an Over-sized Tifa breasts some Nostalgic part of my world to be released on the remake? Will it teach kids about accepting sizes and stop bullying? I need answers because let's be honests in my childhood the orinal didn't had that effect and neither in other countries so I'm asking to thse reading this blog Is this really true or just an excuse because to me when the movie was made the only issue that was made was the Breasts reduced not the missing of Caith Sith body or Red XIII speak in there. So let's be honest is an Over-sized Tifa Breasted remake so nostalgic in the game or what happens during the story? Leave you're opinions please! With Respect, Care and Love Aerith Fair Gainsborougth
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I've been in the Final Fantasy Peasant Group using an old account and watching some videos of this awesome streamer I've been hearing about is true I loved the way he courageously confronted that Final Fantasy 15 A New Empire wasn't what it looked like as I already acknowledge still, I do have my reasons for I can't stand Final Fantasy Peasant. First in Lives he acts as a clowns, Second he does as he's asked and third no matter the theories that already been proved False, unless is he doing them no one will listen to others I respect his work but serious let's be honest until he says "no that theory already been corrected" and explained (plus I've seen many peoples there who proved that theory wrong and were called liars many times) to be false like Squall Death Theory no one will listen to others they will all kiss his feets or lick for explanation we are born with a brain for a reason but I do have to ask does anyone been use it lately? I've been watched Lately many streamers to see their work and I've been many disappointed most of them don't even care what others feels they actually pretend that some don't even exist and Final Fantasy Peasant is no different usually when a new person appears in a stream the streamer makes the person feel welcome but he never welcomed me and he only spoke of breast the hard breast of the character of Final Fantasy 14 I ask you if this is the kind of streamer you desire to follow then please don't mind me start speaking of cocks hard cocks I'm sure we will be having more dedicated fans here! With Care, Love and Respect Aerith Fair Gainsborougth
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Luca Theater - Bringing the Power of Twitch to Final Fantasy Community

Twitch on Final Fantasy Community

Are you a Twitch user? Are you mainly about streaming your gameplay? or perhaps do you just enjoy watching other people play their games? Regardless of how you use Twitch, we have introduced the power of Twitch right here on Final Fantasy Community. So, what exactly does this mean? Continue reading and you'll find out :)

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT announced for PS4; due out early 2018

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT announced for PS4; due out early 2018

​SQUARE ENIX® announced that DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® NT will make its North American debut on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system in early 2018. Developed in partnership with veteran fighting game studio, Team NINJA from KOEI TECMO GAMES, this team-based brawler pits legendary heroes and villains from the FINAL FANTASY franchise together in epic and strategic team battles.

Offering strategic online and offline play, players can select from over 20 legendary characters and familiar summons, including Ifrit, Shiva and Odin, to bring into 3 vs. 3 battle. The game also brings back the DISSIDIA series' unique "bravery combat system," alongside unparalleled visuals and seamless gameplay.

The DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT announcement trailer is available below.

If you're attending E3, you're in luck as the title will be playable from June 13 - 15.


DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT - Announcement Trailer | PS4 - YouTube

In partnership with Team Ninja from KOEI TECMO GAMES, Square Enix presents DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY® NT as a new and refreshing experience – a team-based braw...

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Rumor: Square Enix Is Hiring For The Next Entry In Its “Super-Famous RPG Series”

A lot of this is speculation, but if you tie all the pieces together correctly, it would appear that Square Enix might be hiring for Final Fantasy XVI. It makes sense too since Final Fantasy XV  is already closing in on a year old and the DLC plan can only last for so long.

If nothing else, at least the timing is sound!

The whole rumor stems from an anonymous company uploading a 2D artist job posting on ECareerFA. The shadow of mystery falls apart once you start to pick away at the description of the company and the job's details. The hired person will ideally contribute his or her talents to a "certain RPG's numbered title," working on creating towns, fields, weapons, the whole shebang. The game is currently early in production, possibly in the concept phase or even pre-production if the art is already being drawn.

The company is self-credited as being responsible for "huge RPGs" and online games, and its products are described as "high-quality games with unique worldviews" that lead to "a large number of million-sellers." The company has business within Taito Station arcades, owned by Square Enix, and, the biggest hint of them all, its headquarters is located "one minute from Higashi-Shinjuku station of the Oedo Line and Fukutoshin line," "eight minutes from the main Shinjuku Station," and "eight minutes from the Shunjuku Sanchome station of the Marunouchi and Fukutoshin line."

In other words, Square Enix has headquarters on that exact spot.

​The "Super-Famous RPG Series" Has To Be Final Fantasy!

When thinking about a "Super-Famous RPG Series", a couple of game series come up being Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy.  However, with the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2013 and current development, I doubt we will see the need of a 2D Concept Artist this late in the game. Dragon Quest might be working on multiple games for the Switch but the 2D artist job call for a new entry in a series which probably means Dragon Quest XII in contrast to a newer Dragon Quest game. Dragon Quest XI is set to launch this summer and it's way too early to begin work on Dragon Quest XII but too late for a 2D Concept Artist on Dragon Quest XI, thus, leaving us with Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI, so soon?!

Oh boy. Already? Sure, why not?! It's not like Square Enix is super busy these days anyway… oh wait. Yes, it is.

Well, Final Fantasy XV won't last forever, and Final Fantasy XIV will require fewer resources as time goes on. Final Fantasy VII Remake… it might truly exist somewhere in someone's imagination, but I would rather much see a new game in the series now that it has found serious footing for the first time in a decade or so. If it's still early in development, we're due for a deluge of information and hints over the coming years!

How exciting! Can't wait to see if this leads anywhere, especially knowing that Square Enix hinged the future of the series on Final Fantasy XV's success.

Do you think Final Fantasy XVI can be in development? 

Watch the video discussion below in how Square Enix could be possibly hiring staff for Final Fantasy XVI.

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FFC Updates - May 2017

May was a productive month here on Final Fantasy Community from general improvements to new features. 

Our blogging platform launched in April, giving members access to writing and publishing content. With hopes of expanding our reach, commenting systems were integrated which includes core commenting as well as social commenting. The currently available social comments includes Hyper Comments, Intense Debate Comments and Facebook Comments, allowing more freedom and flexibility in leaving comments.

We're hoping to grow our official publishing team, members who follow Final Fantasy news and are interested in writing articles to keep our audience informed and up to date. 

We're also hoping that members will start up their own personal blogs, reviews and even fan fiction. Know someone interested in writing? Invite them to join and start writing.

A system in the works for quite some time. Upon launching our new social platform, the RPG stats was given a foundation for a manageable RPG stats system. Using a standard leveling up formula, members earn EXP based on their activity on the site which includes interacting on the social platform as well as on the forums. HP and MP work in similar ways, based on factors that can go up and down, this includes Karma and Thank You actions.

The RPG system is more cosmetic than anything and is mainly for the purpose of enhancing Role Play experience. 

In time, there are plans to build upon this system, details that will become available in the coming months.

Twitch is one of many popular platforms players of Final Fantasy use to stream. Being a community that focuses on its members and their needs, our upcoming Twitch system that will be known as Luca Theater will feature an integrated Twitch experience that allows members to view live streams and comment. 

This new system will feature FFC Members who have a Twitch channel, allowing their channels to be easily accessible to all members of the community. 

With hopes of helping our members grow their audience, we always encourage members to utilize our Events system by creating and even scheduling upcoming Twitch streams so members can be notified and kept aware.


A few final notes as I bring this to a close.

The old Final Fantasy Community social networking platform was officially decommissioned after two years, all of the old profiles, images, private messages and anything else associated with the old system that was not transferred over during the upgrade has been permanently removed.

Luca Theater (Twitch) is scheduled to launch on June 10th. There's a few minor things that need to be worked on that will most likely carry over after the launch, this includes some visual and general coding but shouldn't affect the overall experience. 

It is with high hopes that at some point during the month of June, I will be able to make some time to review our current team and start appointing new team members as well as possible changes to existing team members.

I think that's about it. Thanks for reading :)

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Void Endeavor

​A forum RPG.

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An Audacious Void

​Boardgame Update II

 These are front and back notes of new ideas, rehashed ideas, and thoughts about the game. Wrote these down on my breaks and lunches at work.

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Void of the Mine


Hiking to the Dawn Mine

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Nostalgic Void

A little backstory as to what I used to do on the old Forums. Just one of many things. 

Back a few forums ago, I was part of a very small team that was tasked in creating and updating the Final Fantasy Community RPG. It was a very unique forum RPG that had a lot of technical problems that came with it.

Imagine a blank piece of paper, that when you put images and words on it, came together like a pen and paper RPG. 

I took time to add quite a bit of normal monsters, and then began a small story line that involved myself being cloned into monsters. We could add those monsters into certain locations with probabilities of showing up. So, we could add one that had a very rare chance, but defeating it would come with lots of experience.

There was no class option, so I designed my own method of obtaining a class. Basically, you would find books that would tell you how to become a class. You didn't have to follow that path, but it was there. We made skills and magic spells and scattered them all over the place to buy. The class books just told you the ones to get to be more like that class. There were also hidden skills and spells to learn that you had to go through quests to get.

Which brings me to the quests. The quest system was hard to understand and once you figure it out, it's hard to implement. There was a lot of coding that went into it and we had to test it non stop. We were able to test it before implementing it, along with a changelog that displayed everything we would add or take out or fix.

It was fun while it lasted. Gave me inspiration for years to come. Maybe some day we can get something like that again. Don't know how, don't know where, but maybe.

We had plans to take the story off the main continent and into others. I had set up routes to take, because you couldn't just click and go. You add to go in order of the routes.
I believe I made this for an in forum part of the game that required both an RP character and your RPG Character to be used in unison for clan battles. We never got to that point.
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Void Fruition

Boardgame Update

A little peak into the mind of Jace... 

​A few years ago, back before my second son was born, I had the idea to make a map. I like making maps. It's a little title I've added to myself. Cartographer. Fantasy, by the way.

So, I'm sitting at my desk drawing up a little map while my wife was laying in bed, filled with child. I finish the map, but as I do, I start to look at it from the point of "How would someone go about this map?". Where would someone begin a journey to stop a big plot? How could someone own land and make money from it?

All good questions. I then called back to my days past, looking at the generic board games that everyone has at least played once. I looked at Risk. My map had a Risk like feel to it. I also looked at Monopoly. Because I love playing that game but felt that not being able to take someone's property in another manner was a downside. So why not combine the two.

You have a land. You have houses built on top of it causing me to pay you more while traveling through and stopping on it. Well, I like that land. It is a good location to regulate travel, and travel in the area is abundant. So, I'm going to take it from you by force. 

All of this rushed through my head almost simultaneously. IDEA! 

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Templates of the Void

So, I found that we can make and publish templates for the blogs. So, I might be designing some out. I've already published one for possible reviews. It has tabs in it so you can change the way it looks like a small site. Switch between pictures, to videos, to quotes, etc...

Check it out and let me know what you think. I'll be making more eventually. 

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Searchable Voids

In time, I will be able to do more with these blogs. But for now, it is a time for testing and breaking.

My first blog post went okay. I had to rewrite it only once. I believe it was an issue on my side with uploading the photos via dropping them from my file browser. But, on the second time around, I made it happen. I'm currently using the Event Template. 

​Look, it's a table! It has some options. I've condensed it.
There are other options for it.
Like striping it. See the shade difference?
Don't really need this bottom one...But, if I wanted, I can add more rows and columns!

The Head Start Initiative

​I think I may be the first person that will either test most if not all the options for the blog posting, or I will break it. I break things. It's what I do. It's what helps with testing. You break it, you find out why, you fix it... or send the opportunity to fix it out into the void.

Here is where the next table comes. This is for a schedule. I might just layout the times I might be on the site.

​7:00 am - 8:25 am
Getting home from work and taking kids to school.
​8:30 am - 10:25 am
​Eating, sleeping, or watching something.
​10:30 am - 1:30 pm
​Hopefully at least taking a nap.
​2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
​Staying awake so I can get the kids.
​5:30 pm - 7:00 pm​Waiting on my wife to get home to take over.
​7:10 pm - 9:30 pm​Shower and sleep before work.

Voidful Dreams

​Somewhere, in the vast table of time, I'll be on here. Doing things. Maybe writing. You'll see.

A little hiking venture 
7 Tea Cups

Stopped here while hiking because it was an out reaching rock formation that created a semi cave feature. Smoke stains on the underside.

Cacher's Outpost (Home)

Also, on the occasion, I tend to my bar at home when we happen to throw a party or event. Everyone thinks that I've had training. Secret is, I haven't. Why have I not taken this as a career since I enjoy it and I'm good at it? Because I'm actually good. I make my drinks taste and look amazing and have them drop you without you knowing... but I can not remember the basic drinks that people want. People want something they know. They are afraid of the unknown... and that's what I deal in.

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Unavailable Voids

​Alright, so as a foreword into this blog post, which is a test. This is my second time trying to do this. The first one, something happened and I wasn't able to recover the first section that I had written. Chrome broke after trying out some features in this publishing tool.

So, as I said, this first one shall be to test it out and then to hit that glorious little Publish Post button on the right of my screen.

I had some other little quips up here... but you know. It happens.

And now, the weather.

Welcome to Night Vale

​Lately I've been heavily into Podcasts. From the two main D&D actual plays, to the Comedy Survivalist podcast, and on down to the ridiculous advice given by three brothers and the other trendy cast that has informed me about politics in ways no actual news source could.

I've been going through life lately one day at a time, but looking forward to the weekend more so. It might be that I've gotten into a stale position in my job that has me begging for more vacations, or just the fact that I like to fill my weekends with fun stuff to do. Regardless, that's where I am at. I plan ahead. And, plans push on me. I wish I could take an actual vacation where I get to do what I want to do and not be sick during it. (Seriously, I'm cursed. I request vacation time at least a month in advance, and every time, I get sick. Never fails.)

I recently took an extra long weekend to work on my boardgame. I have the game set where I just need to fill in a few hundred cards in photoshop and print them out for the beta. Well, that was the plan. Friday came up and all of a sudden, a couple of my family members finally decided to give D&D a chance... so I wasn't going to not play. We had fun. We stayed up late fighting goblins with a makeshift riot shield with caltrops hammered into it. We ended on killing a white wyrmling. Then, the rest of the weekend happened where my wife decided to make my vacation about her, even though I told her and she agreed that she would let me take the weekend to myself. So, she went hiking and left the kids with me. She came back and needed a bath. And then my little one wanted a car ride... that also went to me. So, in short, I wound up spending money I didn't want to spend and not getting anything done on my game. It happens.

At work, I was passed up for a position that I never got an interview for, that I was the most qualified for. It happens.

Also at work, I DM a group of co-workers on my lunch for D&D. I have them set in a SAO style tower that changes per floor, but stays in the realm of fantasy D&D. It's fun. It pushes my improvisation skills since I rarely plan the next floor. But when I do, it's amazing. Ever seen a world that was a mix of a lava filled underworld and a deep south cajun swamp? Yeah, look out for them lava gators and fire bullywugs.

Eventually I'll have to make some adventure posts about my hiking exploits. Those are always fun.

I'll wrap this up now because my youngest is getting clingy and hungry. So life it shall be. It happens.

Date Night

​My wife and I took our youngest with us on date night to Moo Creamery. I had a peanut butter burger.

Dawn Mine

My brother and friend hiked to the Dawn Mine to camp for the night. It took us until an hour after sundown to get to and set up our little camp. Fun times.

1st Beta

This was from a few years back. 1st version of my boardgame. Board as changed, map has changed, rules have improved.

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FFC Updates - April 2017


Before jumping into this post, I would like to thank all members for your patience as it was a real waiting game for the latest upgrades. It was a lot of work but well worth the wait. For the few bumps we hit after the upgrades and with the server transfer, I appreciate your patience.

As for the latest changes here on FFC, details will be provided below. Because there are a lot of new and improved features, I will be working on dedicated posts that focus on key features, giving you a little more insight and visual guides on where things are located and how things work.

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A Vision Comes To Life - A Social Experience at Final Fantasy Community

A Vision Comes To Life - A Social Experience at Final Fantasy Community

Here's our first official post on our content publishing platform. Due to the amount of work that's been pumped into the site, I've decided to use this time to reflect back on the origins of Final Fantasy Community.

For those of you who are either new to Final Fantasy Community or perhaps don't know the history of Final Fantasy Community, here's a brief look at the history of the site leading up to what it has become today.

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