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  • Jecht
    Jecht thanked the user xXDibbs in the forum post, The Future of Final Fantasy Community - Your Thoughts
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  • Jecht
    Jecht created a new forum post in Suggestions & Feedback
    Alright, I hope this thread title didn't scare too many of you... or actually, maybe just a little :p

    As a lot of you know, Final Fantasy Community has been a project I have been working on and off for a long time and it was only until about 2013 that I brought it back into full swing.

    After taking my vision and creating the very site you see before you now, I've come to realize that for all the work and effort I've put into FFC, it is not providing much reward factor in terms of what is being seen on the site. My hope was to create a community unlike any other Final Fantasy site, a place that a Final Fantasy fan would come to and say "Hey, this place looks awesome" and in turn tell other Final Fantasy fans to come check it out.

    Back when I started planning some of the huge site upgrades, I tried running an in-house crowdfunding (donations) campaign. Before diving into this though, a big thanks goes to Samimista who made a few donations in support of it. I was never worried about the amounts but more just to see who would actually show some form of support towards the site, whether it was by donating or simply by helping this community grow by telling others about it, details I included in the campaign summary.

    Understanding that we're all busy with life's responsibilities, at no time have I ever expected this site to be booming with thousands of people online at any single point in time, but in the same token, we're not seeing any new people joining this community either. Unfortunately, my time is tied up with business so I don't have too much time to jump on here. When I do have time, it's almost always to perform work, ensuring the site remains stable and functional.

    Over the last year, I implemented some really huge changes and upgrades with hopes of providing a level of wow factor to this site. We're still getting suggestions for items of interests that should be added to the site, but for the time being, I am going to be suspending any further development/additions to FFC until we start seeing some growth. If our community isn't growing and members here on FFC who are Final Fantasy Fans but aren't inviting other fans to join, there is little to no justification for me to invest too much more time into providing new features.

    Many members requested that a content publishing platform be added to the site, for gaming news, personal blogs, fan fiction. After much time, I finally added a fully featured blogging solution. Some members are using it but for the number of members who requested it, there was a level of expectation that there would be a lot more publishing activity than there currently is.

    The latest feature I was working on but discontinued was a new area called The Gold Saucer. If you haven't guessed it, it's an arcade for the site with plans of adding a new game on a weekly basis.

    My intention with this post is not to come across as bitter or catch anyone off guard with a different tone than usual. I hope everyone here can understand that a project like this has taken a fair bit out of me in terms of invested time and funding. It makes me extremely happy knowing I can provide members a safe and enjoyable place to hang out and meet other people but I do have to also consider what I've invested into this and the expenses I'm faced with to ensure this site stays online.

    So, the future of Final Fantasy Community will lay in the hands of its members. This community was built for all of you who are fans of Final Fantasy, if we want this community to grow, it would be with great appreciation if you could start sharing FFC with others who are into Final Fantasy as well. This does not mean you should start spamming the web, but if you know someone who is into Final Fantasy, simply extend an invitation and say "Hey come check out this site".

    I have been quiet on here for a while mainly due to work but also because I am pondering on what direction I'm going to take this site.

    Some of you may have been aware that I came close to selling FFC a few times in the past, obviously never did as I wanted to see a lot of things done. I am reaching a point now though that I am slowly considering selling FFC or perhaps re-branding and taking this project in a slightly different direction which would allow for better monetizing and perhaps paid positions if the brand becomes commercialized.

    Members who were here on the original Final Fantasy Community when it was just a forum will recall we made an attempt to re-brand under the name "Fainte" which ran for a while as a general online community forum. It did work as it opened things up and encouraged a wider range of discussions and interaction. Keep in mind, whatever is decided, if we decide to rebrand FFC, the site, your accounts, all data will remain intact, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about in terms of losing anything, that won't happen. It would simply be a name change along with new plans in terms of what direction we take this site.

    I would love to hear what all of you have to say. I want this to be a place for all of you, but I also need to keep my own efforts in mind as I can't have a site just sitting here.

    Do you know people who are fans of Final Fantasy?

    Do you feel Final Fantasy is too limiting in terms of what you would like to focus on here on this "Community"? Would you like to see this community grow beyond Final Fantasy and into a more generalized community?

    Thank you all for reading and I look forward to seeing what we can come up in this thread.
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  •   Zack commented on this post about 2 weeks ago
    Aliahsan uploaded a new video
    For those who haven't watched this. Jecht Samimista Polish Witchtress StoopLeonhart Zack Original video in the description.
    Dean Weiss 10,000 Subscribers Reaction Video Special
    •   Gaming
    •   Friday, 04 August 2017
    Thank you to everyone who helped make this video possible and to all of the fans for sticking around this entire time. Original Video:
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  • This would be an extensive feature to implement into the current video system on FFC. I will definitely keep a note on this but can't guarantee if and when this would be implemented. For it to be worthwhile for me, I would need a lot of people on board with this idea and the site would need to be a lot more active.

    What I can do for now though, I can try working on a custom filter. Right now, the video page on a user's profile shows latest videos, because videos are based on a general video category, I could see about setting up filters so that it's easier to display videos of a specific category rather than all videos from all categories. This would help reduce the amount of videos that are shown and would narrow down based on specific preferences.

    Let me know your thoughts on this and if it makes sense to you.
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  •   Samimista commented on this post about 3 weeks ago
    This is just an announcement that Final Fantasy Community will be undergoing a complete maintenance service today and tomorrow. There may be service interruptions on and off over the next 24-48 hours.
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